First off, the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres have a stylish asymmetric tread pattern that enhances the glamour quotient of the vehicles they are fitted on. Aesthetics apart, the tyres deliver high levels of steering precision, optimized braking responsiveness, excellent handling and constant performance at high speeds. With the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres, you can confidently unleash the high speed enthusiast lurking within yourself. The asymmetrical tread pattern of the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres exhibits wide continuous ribs equipped with asymmetrical sipes. The ribs maintain constant contact with the surface, enhancing the handling characteristics. The sipes, on their part, increase the grip and traction at all times, including while cornering, thereby maintaining stability of the vehicle while negotiating bends at high speeds. The hi-tech tread profile structure is designed to ensure uniform footprint pressure distribution in the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres. This leads to efficient braking on both wet and dry surfaces at high speeds. The presence of 4 wide circumferential grooves in the tyre tread ensures greater aquaplaning resistance with improved safety on wet asphalt. When you are cruising along at high speed, wet roads will not be an impediment for you with the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres. The tread compound of the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres has reduced sensitivity to high temperature. So even when the tyres heat up at high speeds, the tread distortion is minimal. Thus you are assured of reliable and constant performance at high speeds.


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