The Bridgestone D-Sport tyresare premium tyressuited for high performance SUV’s and luxury 4×4 vehicles. The Bridgestone D-Sport tyres ensure fantastic stability and handling. This is combined with exceptional safety levels on both dry and wet road surfaces. The Bridgestone D-Sport tyres incorporate a specially formulated tread compound that has high silica content. This innovative compound maximises grip on wet and dry surface and increases traction, leading to improved braking responsiveness and reduced stopping distances. The unique tread design of the Bridgestone D-Sport tyres ensures superb performance under wet conditions. The circumferential grooves in the tread centre are supported by the lateral sipes on the tread blocks to effectively deflect water from the contact patch. As a result, the risk of aquaplaning is greatly reduced, practically eliminating the risk of skidding on wet surfaces. The Bridgestone D-Sport tyres incorporate a reinforced sidewall design that maximises dry grip as well as significantly improving handling characteristics. As a result, steering responsiveness is greatly enhanced; leading to precise control on all surfaces and at all speeds. The Bridgestone D-Sport tyre tread design is optimised to reduce noise levels, ensuring a quiet ride at all times. This will lead toimproved levels of comfort.


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