2256516 HANKOOK RA23 XL



This premium all-season tyre from Hankook provides SUV drivers with improved off-road and snow performance, as well as excellent performance in spring and summer. The tread pattern on the Dynapro HP RA23 has been manufactured to improve off-road performance, with extra grip offered in winter conditions (namely snow, ice, and slush). The tyre structure has also been developed with new performance enhancing technology. The jointless cap ply features around the circumference of the tyre over steel belts for excellent durability as well as increased comfort for drivers when on the road. The high-tensile steel belts also ensure excellent responsiveness from your vehicle. The result is an all-season tyre which offers excellent performance all year round to help drivers get from A to B in safety and style. Premium all-season tyre for SUV drivers. Improved compound offers excellent traction and environmental features. Excellent performance on off-road and snow covered road surfaces. Excellent tyre durability.


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