2256016 AVON ZV5 BSW



Avon ZV5 is a summer economy-class tyre designed for daily driving. The model is equipped with an asymmetric tread pattern that ensures balanced performance both on dry and wet surfaces. This is due to two independent sections, each being responsible for different types of performance. The wide tread grooves efficiently drain water from under the crown ply, minimizing the risk of aquaplaning. Due to the effective drying of the tread, driving safety and comfort always remain high. With the optimized structure, the sounds emitted by the tyre during rolling are immediately dampened, and the drive becomes silent and comfortable. Avon ZV5 is based on a compound which maintains an excellent flexibility in variable temperatures. Consequently, the model keeps a proper stiffness during the whole season and guarantees excellent performance no matter the weather. The compound is also of a lower weight, which allows a reduced rolling resistance, and as a result, limiting fuel consumption and the CO2footprint.


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