2254517 HANKOOK K125 XL



Hankook have created a tyre with the perfect balance between performance and security. All indications are that they have succeeded. Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125 is a tyre that the braking distance in the wet was shortened by up to 8% compared to the previous model. This was achieved, first of all, with 4 wide circumferential grooves for optimized wet performance. These grooves are different depths and this increases the rigidity of the tyre and improves the performance on wet roads. This design also reduces aquaplaning risks. With the Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125 the Korean manufacturer decided to increase the stiffness of the pads and the tyre contact with the road. This in turn means that the tyre has excellent stability and short braking distances on dry roads. A characteristic feature of the Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125 is its optimized profile. This allows the tyre to obtain a high performance during dynamic driving. Important elements on this tyre model are a closed outer rib or rib type tread. These elements combine to provide excellent stability, especially at high speeds. Furthermore, the rib tread design provides better manoeuvrability, and it also reduces the rolling resistance. Hankook was founded in 1941 and this very successful brand meant that more than 30 years later it has become the seventh largest tyre manufacturer.


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