The tyre offers excellent performance on wet roads thanks to its directional tread pattern. V-shaped grooves help quickly and effectively disperse water, whilst also minimizing the risk of aquaplaning. This all helps ensure better grip, whatever the weather. The tyre is made from an innovative compound, noted for its lightness and high strength. Its low weight helps limit rolling resistance, thus reducing fuel consumption. Resistance to mechanical damage and an extended lifetime are other features that make the Accelera ALPHA the ideal choice for drivers looking for a cost-effective option. The designers behind the model have also ensured a balanced distribution of pressure from the tyre on the road surface, which means that the tread wears slowly and evenly. This means that drivers can enjoy its full performance specifications for its entire lifetime, without having to worry about a drop in driving performance or loss of grip. It ensures optimal performance at a reasonable price, while the low rolling resistance and exceptional strength make the tyre cost-effective to run.


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