The Blizzark LM-30 winter tyre boasts a superb performance on snow and ice. The silica tread increases braking performance and grip in all winter conditions. Winter tyre offering superb performance on snow and ice. Silica tread increases braking performance and grip in winter conditions. Improved braking performance in the wet and slush. Improved economy. These premium-range tyres feature an asymmetric tread which guarantees superb performance on a wide range of surfaces. The dense network of circumferential grooves and sipes promotes the efficient evacuation of water, resulting in effective and thorough drying of the tyre surface. This ensures driving stability and safety when cornering, even in exceptionally bad weather. The large number of blades allows the Blizzak LM30 to “bite” into snowy surfaces, which improves grip. This not only significantly reduces braking distances, but also means that the vehicle can move off more easily. The rubber compound used to manufacture the tyres delivers excellent elasticity at low temperatures. This allows the tyres to adjust to the current weather and offer maximum performance and outstanding grip, even in extreme conditions. The combination of a super-elastic compound and optimised trend also helps to reduce vibrations and tyre noise. The engineers who designed the Blizzak LM30 also put a great deal of effort into achieving an optimum distribution of forces acting on the tread surface. This means that the tread wears slowly and evenly, making it possible to achieve the full spectrum of performance throughout the service life of the tyres and avoid worrying about deterioration as they age.


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