1955015 BRIDGESTONE T001



The Bridgestone T001 tyre is a summer tyre which offers excellent all round performance. The Bridgestone T001 tyres perform exceptionally well in the following areas of performance, safety, and comfort. ?Fuel efficiency is improved which leads to cost benefits due to the reduced irregular wear characteristics of the tyre. The Turanza T001 is a tyre boasting reduced irregular wear and pattern noise thanks to its specially designed tread pattern. Thanks to extensive testing, the tyre performs exceptionally well in both dry & wet conditions – with notable resistance to hydroplaning. Produced with safety in mind, the Turanze T001 ensures maximum cornering grip and a high braking force. Excellent stability at speed with superb control and aquaplaning resistance in the wet. Solid circumferential rib tread design reduces irregular tread wear and reduces noise levels. Optimized shoulder blocks improve braking and provides maximum cornering grip. Smooth and comfortable ride with low rolling resistance.


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