1954516 TOYO PXCF 2 XL



The Toyo Proxes CF2 is a tyre developed for fitment on medium and high powered cars. Keen to improve upon the popular CF1, Toyo have constructed the Proxes CF2 with a cutting edge compound and lighter construction. The use of a full-silica tread compound with active polymer – which conforms to the shape of the road’s surface – has helped to reduce the rolling resistance of the tyre by up to 25%. Toyo have constructed the tread pattern to be stiffer, to ensure stability at high speeds. The use of wide grooves within the pattern also aids in reducing the risk of losing control in wet conditions – by removing surface water from the path of the tyre’s path as quickly as possible. The tyre’s full-silica tread compound also delivers a longer lifespan. Wide tread grooves for excellent braking in wet and dry conditions. Optimized tread stiffness for low rolling resistance and improved mileage. Quick and effective surface water clearance.


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