1756515 OVATION W586



Stable handling on any type of surface, driving safety, and rapid drainage of water from the front tyres are just some of the advantages of the Ovation W586. It has been designed with everyday driving in the winter season in mind. The Ovation W586 model is equipped with an asymmetric tread pattern which ensures traction on wet and dry roads. The tyre is built to perform over a wide range of temperatures. The contact area with the road has been increased and thus improves traction and driving stability. This rubber composite mixture is also lightweight and durable, resulting in an improvement in the performance of the tyre. Low weight translates into reduced rolling resistance and a reduction in fuel consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The durable rubber helps extend the life of the Ovation W586 tyre and make it resistant to mechanical damage arising accidentally e.g. as a result of driving over the curb.


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