The Bridgestone LM20 is a premium-range winter tyre. It features a directional tread pattern, which is frequently preferred by winter tyre manufacturers thanks to its outstanding performance on wet surfaces. The tread pattern rapidly and effectively evacuates water, which minimizes the risk of aquaplaning. This improves driving safety and guarantees outstanding grip, regardless of the weather. The model was developed using a state-of-the-art rubber compound that is characterised by an outstanding level of flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. As a result of this, the Bridgestone LM20 provides an increased contact area between the tyre and the road, which results in driving stability and improved grip on every type of surface. The engineers who designed the model went to great lengths to ensure the optimum distribution of forces acting on the tyre. This means that the tread wears evenly, making it possible to achieve top performance values throughout the service life of the tyre. The compound used to manufacture the tyres is durable and resistant to mechanical wear, which also helps to extend the service life of the Bridgestone LM20. The reduced weight of the tyre results in lower rolling resistance and decreased fuel consumption. All of these features mean that the Bridgestone LM20 is a cost-effective solution of the highest quality that delivers outstanding performance across the range. It is the ideal solution for discerning drivers who wish to enjoy safe and comfortable driving regardless of the weather.?Designed for medium to high mileage drivers of compacts, mid-sized cars and family saloons. More control in snow due to a new tread pattern designed by the precision of snow simulation technology. Safer in slush and wet with a high silica content and siping designed by edge pressure simulation. Resistant to irregular wear due to flatter contact area distribution. Very low noise gives a comfortable ride in all conditions.


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