1556514 BRIDGESTONE A001



The Bridgestone Weather Control A001 is an all-year premium-range tyre designed for everyday driving. The model provides?outstanding drivability?on any type of surface and guaranteed?stability on the road?regardless of the weather. The Bridgestone Weather Control A001 features an asymmetric tread made up of two independent parts, each of which is responsible for different aspects of its performance. This means that the model can easily handle both wet and dry roads. The wide grooves efficiently evacuate water from under the wheel and ensure?that the tread dries efficiently. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning and ensures a continuously high level of driving safety at all times. The model is manufactured using a state-of-the-art rubber compound which?maintains elasticity?over a wide range of temperatures. This means that the area of contact between the tyre and the road is increased during the winter months for improved grip, whereas in summer the compound provides the necessary rigidity and prevents rapid wear of the tread.


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