Tracing their origins back to the very first petrol-powered car – the Benz Patent Motorwagen – Mercedes-Benz have a long history, first marketing the Mercedes automobile in 1901, and winning a number of motor races before then. However, it wasn’t until the merger of Karl Benz and DMG in 1926 that the first Mercedes-Benz branded vehicles were produced.

After early successes selling automobiles to the wealthy elites of Germany and the new world, Mercedes-Benz expanded their operations, buying a number of factories across Germany to design and produce Mercedes tyres and engine parts. In the 1930s, Mercedes-Benz were famous for their model 770 (also known as the “Großer Mercedes”), which was extremely popular among high-ranking members of the German National Socialist party, notably Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler.

During the height of the Nazi Reich in 1944, over 46,000 forced labourers were used in the production of Mercedes tyres and engines to bolster the National Socialist governments war efforts. While Mercedes later paid out damages to the labourers and families in 1988, many people will never forgive the brand’s complicity with the National Socialist regime.
If one is willing to put aside these associations, however, then it is plain to see that the Mercede-Benz brand has been focussed on luxury and high-quality engineering standards from the very beginning. From the pioneering Motorwagen to the cushy E and S-Class ranges and everything in-between, the build quality, stylish designs and luxurious materials are plain to see.

The Mercedes-Benz brand (often abbreviated to the informal “Mercedes” or irreverent “Merc”) has always been associated with luxury and affluence, so follow the advice of Mercedes in their slogan, and choose “the best or nothing”. Don some all-season Mercedes tyres, and your motor will be cruising fit all year round. Or, you know, have the butler do it for you.

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