Long touted as a champion of American industry and capitalism as a whole, the Ford Motor Company is now the 5th-largest automobile manufacturer in the world and has raised millions of people out of poverty by championing affordable products and high employee wages. This principle – since named “Fordism” – was intended to allow workers to be able to buy the products of their labour (Ford tyres, engines and cars), as was the case with other industries at the time, such as agriculture and mining.

Henry Ford developed a self-propelled vehicle in 1896 (christened the Ford Quadricycle) independently and founded the Detroit Automobile Company after encouragement from Thomas Edison. Ford later designed and raced a 26-horsepower automobile in November 1901, and founded the Henry Ford Company a month later. However, Ford objected to Henry Leland being brought on as a consultant, and left the company in 1902, taking the rights to his name with him.

The Henry Ford Company later rebranded as the Cadillac Motor Company, and Henry Ford himself went on to start the Ford Motor Company with the Dodge brothers (who later founded their own automobile brand). By adopting moving assembly belts in 1913, Ford was able to increase efficiency and lower costs of producing Ford Tyres, and parts so that an American citizen could buy a basic Ford Model T for only $360 in 1914!

The company is also notable for being one of the first companies to adopt a 5-day work week in 1926, popularising the concept of the weekend. That alone is worthy of respect, so dress up your Model T in the finest Ford tyres or take it easy with basic models – these are hard-working cars! If you’ve got a Ford van or pickup, then go for sturdy all-weather tyres, but shell out for the performance tyres on sports models. You’ll thank us later.

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